Interested in being a vendor at Scotfest?

Vendor information

Insurance requirements
You must provide a copy of your Liability Insurance Certificate prior to setting up for the festival. Note: You will not be permitted to open without providing this. The Liability Insurance Certificate must be valid for the entire weekend and must list the following as additional insured on the certificate:

Scotfest, Inc | P.O. Box 471664, Tulsa, OK 74147

City of Broken Arrow | P.O. Box 610, Broken Arrow, OK 74013

Tulsa County

Wagoner County
Tax Information
Oklahoma residents will report and pay tax as normal.

Non-Oklahoma residents will be provided with a form at the closing of the festival and will be required to pay tax amounts due at that time. Failure to take care of your obligations will result in follow-up from the Oklahoma Tax Commission and may result in you being unable to attend Scotfest in the future.

Our treasurer will be on-site all weekend to help with this.
Set-up Information
You will be able to set-up at the park during the following times:

Thursday September 17th, 9am-5pm at Broken Arrow Events Park, 21101 E 101st St, Broken Arrow, OK 74014

Friday September 18th, 10am-4pm at Broken Arrow Events Park, 21101 E 101st St, Broken Arrow, OK 74014

A Map of the general layout will be made available soon.

If you would like to set up earlier than these times then please make a separate arrangement with us prior to arriving at the park.

ALL vehicles must be moved offsite NO LATER THAN 4:00PM Friday 18th September prior to event opening - NO EXCEPTIONS.
Power will be available for those that have purchased it.

However, Scotfest does not have access to any additional power cables so we ask you to make sure you have sufficient cables available - this may need to be 100 feet or more.

We will do our best to limit any inconvenience, however we are limited by the layout of the park and by having the appropriate cables available will make this much smoother for all.