St. Andrew and his Day

By: Kris Morrison – Director of Festival Vendors and native of Aberdeen, Scotland

A few weeks ago at work we went through an exercise where everyone was required to buy a laptop cover since it turns out even MacBooks break when dropped repeatedly. Soon I started to see a wide array of covers popping up around the office, ranging from bright pink to various depictions of cute puppies and kittens. My cover however took a bit longer to arrive since I, as any proud ex-pat Scot would, chose to purchase a cover of the St Andrews Cross (otherwise known as the Saltire). 

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Bigger And Better For Your Customers (and 2018)

by: Rick Rutledge, SCOTFEST Director of Marketing, Media and Festival Development


In this ever changing world of consumers the one unifying constant has been that consumers are looking for a better “experience” no matter where they go and no matter what they buy. Part of that expectation is that they spend their hard earned money with someone who has invested in technology to make the process more accurate, fast(er) and easy to manage. That’s part of why something like 85% of transactions these days are completed with the use of a debit or credit card. In the last three years the SCOTFEST board has fully embraced this philosophy by expanding our technology stack. From accounting to marketing to improving our use and knowledge of data from every source we can possibly gather. One of those sources that has become an invaluable part of our operation is with our POS system.

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Rubright & Hardagain were here…..

Sláinte Mhath!

Now that 2017’s SCOTFEST has finally come to a close, we (R&H) thought it’d be a great time to review the whisky we sampled along side you in our whisky den at the festival. Mind you, there’s plenty opinion to go around and there’s no perfect “best” whisky. It depends on YOU. So let’s dispense with what we didn’t sample and why…

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