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Welcome to SCOTFEST. You may have come for the stage shows; you may have come for the athletics or the dancing; or you may have come out to meet friends, shop the vendors, or have some fun. Regardless of your reason, from the moment you approach the entrance gate, you will hear the haunting, soulful sound of the Great Highland bagpipes.

The pipes have a long, long history extending into the distant past. There is evidence it all began in the Middle East thousands of years ago. Perhaps you may be able to still hear that nasal skirl of the snake charmer, calling over the centuries from a forgotten land. Certainly, the Romans picked them up, and they marched with their legions as they pushed their imperial frontiers into, not only the Middle East, but northern Europe and the wilds of the borders of Caledonia, ancient Scotland. There is a figure of a piper carved on Hadrian’s Wall. As the centuries past, the pipes became a folk instrument.

Saturday morning kicks off at 9:00 A.M with solo piping and drumming competitions. Massed bands will be the center of attention during the noon ceremonies.  The brand new American Grade 5 National Pipeband Championship, follows, starting at 1:00 P.M. You will be treated to more massed bands during the awards ceremonies, starting at 4:30 P.M.

On Sunday, bands and individual pipers will roam the Festival grounds, providing the sights and sounds that make for a lifetime of memories.

2021 american grade 5 national pipeband championship

More Pipeband Championship Info

Why Grade 5?

SCOTFEST in association with MWPBA is combining to Sanction this competition in recognition of the many – probably most of the PBs and Pipers who do the daily work to improve their craft but seldom have the recognition that the higher grade bands and soloists receive. What we do is salute the efforts, no matter how minimal, of the Pipebands in the USA that make Piping a strong and appreciated music entity for your community. YOU REPRESENT 90% of the PIPING COMMUNITY IN Central USA!

Pipe and Drum Competitions Sanctioned by the Midwest PipeBand Association as a SUPREME Points Competition for both Bands and Soloists, it is THE culmination of the year for Grade 5 and Novice Soloists with;

More Prize Money than the 2021 World Championship!

1st Place Prize money of $1,500! Prize money thru 4th place.

MWPBA Champion Supreme Points Event (Bands & Solo).

Full Amateur Solo Piping event will also be held.

REGISTER via MWPBA from here.

Recognition is Great, but we are offering much more.

  • Sponsored Trophy for the Winner
    • Trophies for 2nd and 3rd places
  • Prize Money (You probably wanted to know this first!)









Competition Entry Rules 2020 via MWPBA.org

Register as a Grade 5 Band for the AMERICAN GRADE 5 CHAMPIONSHIP (below all the entry rules is a button to access the entry form)

Register as a Solo Piper (below all the entry rules is a button to access the entry form)

  • Travel Reimbursement
  • 0-100 Miles = $100
  • 100 Miles + = $150
  • Host Hotel Reduced Rates (bunk rooms available)
  • Towneplace Suites by Marriot Broken Arrow other hotel options available here.
  • Travel to/from Tulsa International (Dedicated Hotel Shuttle)
  • Travel to/from host hotel to SCOTFEST (Dedicated Hotel Shuttle)

Questions? Please contact us at piping@okscotfest.com

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