Scottish Comedians?

    Laugh, until it hurts.

    For the last few years, we’ve been trying hard to get guys like Craig Ferguson to take us seriously, but that’s been a challenge (read: we can’t afford him). So instead, we searched high and low for the best up and coming Scottish giggle talent we could muster. And BOY was it tough. They’ll make you laugh, they’ll make you think (mostly because you’re trying to understand what they’re saying) and most importantly they will occupy the time in-between the bands tearing down and setting up on the main stage. But seriously, the comedians we’ve brought in years past have been the funniest group of guys from that side of the pond and we’ve been grateful to have had them. This year we’ve brought back a crowd favorite!


    He’s a comedian! He’s an actor! He really enjoys eating Ramen!

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    Luke Ashlocke‘s story is very simple. A dual citizen due to being the spawn of a Scottish dad who drinks and then gives horrible advice but only in that order and through extreme poverty, cultural confusions, a surprising language barrier and his naturally mischievous ways he discovered his own answers to life’s questions.

    Today, he lives a double life as he try’s to form a relationship with his, dead-beat-who-recently-married-into-money, dad and keep these attempts secret from his never-leave-your-side-and-always-poor, American side of the family.

    Just like a woman, Luke desires to have a family. His dating life is simply a trial and error of finding the right woman, the only problem is that he lives in Los Angeles, CA. Where his potential mates include- psycho’s, liars, thieves, and deranged lunatics. Or, just enough of each of these wonderful traits that Luke thinks they are 99% perfect… Until his masculinist uncle/roommate messes everything up.

    Luke will perform briefly between artists on the main stage beginning Friday at 5pm and his full act will take place in the Folk Tent in the evenings, please see the schedule for specific times.