Rubright & Hardagain Whisky Experience

    Ugh…These Guys? Again?

    Will Rubright and Dick Hardagain are two of the most cantakerous guys you can come into contact with, until they’ve sipped the nectar of the Gods made from sea water, malts, peat and cask.

    These two jokesters willprovide you with endless laughter from their tasteless jokes, lengthy “fishing” stories and their knowledge of world conquest by the famous Scotsmen who have come before them. And somewhere in there you’ll learn a thing or two about whisky. We mean, it’s nothing to quit your job and become a “professional” whisky connissuer over. But you might pick up some knowledge that will help you pick that perfect bottle for yourself, the perfect gift or be able to pass along some knowledge at parties, kinda like that guy in college who always came with a guitar. But you’ll have knowledge of whisky.

    There is NO SUCH THING as getting your feelings hurt, taking offense or being bullied inside the whisky tent. This place is like mecca for these guys and they’ll show you what they mean. Everyyear these two rough it through four tastings across three days, sampling 5-6 whiskys each session. And year after year, it has grown and grown to become more than 100 people per tasting, per year. Demand is so great that we’ve had to turn people away for the last two years because we’ve simply SOLD OUT of tickets long before the gates opened. We should probably stop there before the self-proclaimed “Abbot and Costello of Whisky” get bigger heads.

    Buy your tickets NOW before they sell out for any of the four tastings – 7pm Friday, 2pm & 7pm Saturday and Sunday at 1pm. THIS is a separate ticketed event and is 21+ ONLY — Proper ID Required.

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