Clan Heritage

    Who Do You Think You Are?

    Did you grow up hearing about your heritage? Maybe you grew up and had no idea how you became….you. We’re just one generation away from losing sight of our humble beginnings. Whether your ancestors came over from Scotland, Ireland, Wales, the Isle of Mann or England in the 19th Century or if they’ve been here for ages, find out who you are during SCOTFEST. Each year we welcome representatives from a number of different Clan Societies and they have resources and information that can help you put together the story of your family. These resources can even pin down exactly where your family originated from back in the home country. We’re all proud to be Americans, but it’s important to remember how we got here.

    We are welcoming representatives from Clans Lindsay, Donnachaidh (Duncan/Robertson), Fraser, Campbell, Graham, Armstrong, Ogilvie, MacKay, MacIntosh, Hannay, MacIntyre and more. We will update the list as we get closer and we encourage you to come and learn about your background during SCOTFEST.

    Where is your family from?