The 2020 American Grade Five Championship

The Championship

The AMERICAN GRADE 5 Championship is hosted by SCOTFEST now the Premier Scottish Festival in the SW in its 41st year. Pipe and Drum Competitions Sanctioned by Midwest PipeBand Association as a SUPREME Points Competition for both Bands and Soloists, it is THE culmination of the year for Grade 5 and Novice Soloists.

Why Grade 5?

SCOTFEST in association with MWPBA is combining to Sanction this competition in recognition of the many - probably most of the PBs and Pipers who do the daily work to improve their craft but seldom have the recognition that the higher grade bands and soloists receive. What we do is salute the efforts, no matter how minimal, of the Pipebands in the USA that make Piping a strong and appreciated music entity for your community. YOU REPRESENT 90% of the PIPING COMMUNITY IN Central USA!

Recognition is Great, but we are offering much more.
  • Sponsored Trophy for the Winner
    • Trophies for 2nd and 3rd places
  • Prize Money (You probably wanted to know this first!)
    G5-1st $2,000.00
    G5-2nd $1,500.00
    G5-3rd $1,000.00
    G5-4th $800.00
    G5-5th $600.00
    G5-6th $400.00
    G5-7th $200.00
Competition Entry Rules 2020 via MWPBA.org

Register as a Grade 5 Band for the AMERICAN GRADE 5 CHAMPIONSHIP (below all the entry rules is a button to access the entry form)

Register as a Solo Piper (below all the entry rules is a button to access the entry form)
  • Travel Reimbursement
    • 0-100 Miles = $150
    • 100 Miles + = $350
  • Host Hotel Reduced Rates
    • The Wyndham Hotel, Tulsa
    • Travel to/from Tulsa International (Dedicated Hotel Shuttle)
    • Travel to/from host hotel to SCOTFEST (Dedicated Hotel Shuttle)
    Questions? Please contact us at piping@okscotfest.com