The 2019 SCOTFEST games are sanctioned by the Midwest Pipe Band Association (MWPBA). Competition will be held in accordance to their rules. The practice of playing for sheets is not accepted by the association. However, a waiver has been granted for 2019 to give bands, accustomed to this practice, time to adjust. Bands electing to play for sheets this year must be a member of a band association. They will not be considered for placing. Inquires can be addressed to piping@scotfest.com.


  • Solo competition will commence at 9:00 a.m.
  • Band competition will commence at 2:00 p.m.
  • Specific times for soloists will be posted and e-mailed prior to the contest.
  • Band competition time will be determined on the day by draw.


For a complete listing of Midwest Pipe Band Association's RULES AND REGULATIONS, as-well-as page references, for all competitors, please click the 2019 MWPBA Rules link to download a copy of the PDF.


  • All bands that compete must be members of a pipe band association.
  • At the time of registration, the pipe major must submit a roster of payers who will play in the competition (see page 3 of the rule book for definitions and limitations on a band’s “playing members”).
  • Bands wishing to compete must qualify by equaling or exceeding the minimum number of players by player type (see page 5 of the MWPBA rule book for a listing by grade). Bands playing for sheets are not required the association minimums. This is a nod to those with less than full drum requirements. However, any such band must have a bass and at least one side.


  • All soloists must register individually as a member of a pipe band association.
  • They must also register as a competitor in an event allowed for their grade.
  • There is a check-in requirement on the day of competition (see page 9 of the MWPBA rule book).
  • Soloists will find a listing of the criteria by which their performances will be judged on page 13 of the rule book.



  • Competitions in grades 3 – 5.
  • See page 6 of the MWPBA rules for what kind of tunes allowed per grade.
  • With grades 4 and 3 we will offer two competitions on the day: medley and MSR or mini-MSR.


Competitions for the following groups will be offered:
  • Pipers amateur: practice chanter through grade 3.
  • When a soloist registers with the MWPBA, the music committee will assign him a grade which will dictate the category of tunes he may play. Members of other band associations will already have their grade assignments.
  • See page 8 of the MWPBA rule book for a complete listing of music requirements by grade.


Traditional performing attire is required for both bands and soloist at all competitions, with the exception of practice chanter. See page 14 of the rule book for a brief listing.
Travel Money
Bands within 100 miles 4 $150 $600
Bands outside 100 miles 4 $350 $1200
Note: MWPBA requires travel for ALL bands $1800
Sunday Duty Bands Band 1 $400
Band 2 $400
Band 3 $400
Band Prizes G5-1st $300.00
G5-2nd $250.00
G5-3rd $200.00
G5-4th $150.00
G5-5th $100.00
G4-1st $500.00
G4-2nd $400.00
G4-3rd $300.00
G3-1st $600.00
G3-2nd $500.00
G3-3rd $400.00