In addition to perpetuating a great cultural tradition, highland dancers appreciate the athletic challenges, competitive goals, performance opportunities as well as the opportunity to meet and become lifelong friends with dancers from other areas, both nationally and internationally.

  • The competition will be conducted according to SOBHD rules. Judge’s decision is final.
  • The first dancers to enter will be last to dance.
  • Dancers must be in costume to receive awards.
  • Competitors not ready when their event is called will be disqualified for that event.
  • The number of entries will determine age groupings.
  • Dancers must present valid 2020 registration card at time of check-in.
  • A trophy will be awarded to the highest point winner in each age group. No trophy awarded to primary group.

    Medals will be awarded at judge’s discretion.

    Choreography Competition Rules as per SOBHD.
    Choreography competition will commence immediately following AM competition. Total performance time cannot exceed 1.5 minutes including on/off time. Music and costume must have Scottish/Celtic theme. Must provide own music.

    Music files MUST be emailed to dance@okscotfest.com no later than September 12, 2020. Confirmation emails will be sent within 48 hours.

    The Deadline for registration is September 4, 2020