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Visit our Dance tent and see great examples of both Scottish Highland Dance and Irish Dance.

Featuring in the Dance Tent:

Ladymon School of Scottish Dance

Ladymon School of Scottish Dance

The Highland dancers from the Ladymon School of Scottish Dance showcase the best of Scottish Highland dance, from traditional warrior dances to modern choreographies to graceful ladies’ dances. These dances embody the history, culture, and energy of Scotland, telling a story through powerful rhythm and movement. The Ladymon School of Scottish Dance is led by instructor Laura Venable Ladymon, a former championship competitor and 17 year veteran of SCOTFEST. For more information about the Ladymon School of Scottish Dance and Highland dance in Oklahoma, visit


Broken Arrow Dance Academy

The Celtic Pride Dancers from Broken Arrow Dance (BAD) Academy are a powerhouse group of Irish dancers led by instructor and BAD owner Julie Hawkins. These dancers have a long history of entertaining audiences at SCOTFEST with their flying feet and unique choreographies, pulling inspiration not only from their Irish roots but also the various other dance forms these performers are trained in — from tap and clogging to ballet and musical theater. For more information, visit

 Goode Academy Group

Goode Academy of Irish Dance

The Goode Academy of Irish Dance, based in Tulsa, is directed by TCRG (certified instructor) KT Goode and has dancers ages 3 and up. This school’s award-winning dancers regularly qualify to compete at the North American National Championship and World Championship. From their youngest dancer to the most experienced competitor, the energy brought to the SCOTFEST stage by these quick feet and smiling faces is electrifying. For more information on the Goode Academy, visit

Muggivan Girls

Muggivan School of Irish Dance

The Muggivan School of Irish Dance from Edmond is a young but accomplished dance school performing at SCOTFEST for the first time. These dancers have performed across the state, including dancing in world-class stage productions such as Jeremiah at the Armstrong Auditorium in Edmond. They are also successful competitive dancers, including Jude Flurry and Jordan Saranga, who have placed in the top 20 in their classes at the world championship. For more information on Muggivan School of Irish Dance, email instructor Paris Turgeon at


All About Irish

Crowd-favorite Irish dance troupe All About Irish showcases traditional Irish dance with exciting Celtic music and choreographies. This Shawnee-area school, an associate member of the Cumann Rince Naisiunta (CRN), is under the direction of Diana Rodgers. When these young men and women aren’t wowing the crowd with their skilled performances they also compete across the US, and several troupe members are trophy winners at the championship level. For more information, visit

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