SCOTFEST has a long list of clans that come every year to display their family histories. Clan AGMs are often held at our festival! Visit our Clan representatives and learn about their or your own family history…

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Anticipated Clans this year in alphabetical order

Clan Barclay, Clan Bell, Clan Bruce, Clan Buchanan, Clan Cameron, Clan Campbell, Clan Donald, Clan Donnachaidh, Clan Douglas, Clan Elliot, Clan Fergusson, Clan Fleming, Clan Forrester, Clan Gordon, Clan Graham, Clan Gunn, Clan Hanna (Hannay), Clan Henderson, Clan Johnstone, Clan Irwin, Clan Lindsay, Clan MacDonald, Clan MacFarlane, MacDuff, Clan Mackay, Clan McCowen, Clan McLeod, Clan McPherson, Clan McIntyre, Clan McTavish, Clan Ogilvie, Clan Ross, Clan Scott

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